watson and i - 10.19.01 - 9:23 pm

Today's entry is brought to you by pills, cramps, and Weezer.

My Christian friend has decided to play matchmaker w/me. I do not like this, no, I don't Sam I am. I hate being set up. I hate boys. Boys are evil and gross and think that they're saints just cuz they hold the door for you and do many other cliched things that are supposed to make them gentlemen. Chivalry, ha! Just another thing to lead to suprise when they turn out to be complete assholes. 'But he insisted on buying me dinner! He can't be cheating on me!' The Weenie (another set-up) was the most polite boy I've ever dated. Hands down. Except he was a liar and a hornball and I didn't see it cuz I was blinded by the reflection of the car door as he held it open for me.

I don't wanna have to go through the whole 'getting to know you' bullshit and having to explain why certain songs make me cry and certain cars make me utter profanities under my breath. I do not feel like explaining my quirks, obsessive behavior, and weird theories. This does not appeal to me and I couldn't give a fuck less if I end up a spinster at the age of 70 w/too many dogs and a huge house that smells like moth balls and gin. Fuck it.

I'm jaded at the age of 19, kids. Never again do I want a boy to call me his woman. OK, so I *never* wanted that but you know what I mean. I am forfeiting my heterosexuality and donning my head w/the Bonnet of Asexualness.

Eek! 10 o'clock! Ice-T Ice-T Ice-T!

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