Change! - 02.18.02 - 8:03 pm

OK, so I was feeling motivated today and decided that I was going to learn HTML. Finally. This was at noon. It is now 8.

My neck hurts, my eyes hurt, I remembered that I can only learn things if I write them down by hand...hence the many sheets of paper now scattered at my feet like dandruff, and my fucking chicken gave me a smug look.

"Who's bigger and smarter?" I said, grabbing her as she tried to avoid going back to her coop for the night.

"Who's bigger and smarter?" I said, running smack into a clothesline pole.

One would think that lips are need to look smug, but no. That chicken was smugging. Smugging is not a word, is it?

Anyhoo, I think all of this should work. I've been testing it and erasing and my fingers are black w/graphite. This had better fucking work.

One question, though...for the life of me, I can't figure out how to get my text centered w/out the lines doing that thing. You know. Centering themselves. Insubordinate little lines. I guess what I want to do is have the margins fall five inches from either side of the screen. Does that make sense? Is it possible?

Maybe I should have sought out resources that weren't written for children 7-13 making their first web pages.

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