The Most Expensive Pool Game in the World - 02.26.02 - 1:42 pm

I braved the drunken swarms of Monday night frat boys to see a band that has played through much of the recent boy bullshit.

And they canceled.

But you should always stay on the sunny side, always on the sunny side, stay on the sunny side of life so:

1) One of the opening bands rocked the foundation and I did want to see them, even though I've heard about four of their songs.


2) Ticket prices were cut.

I wrote the below on a grocery store receipt while sitting on the stairs to the bar in the club:

"I'm wasting time by writing on a receipt, using my jeans as a desk. There are too-cool girls in cardigans and sex kitten shoes watching me tug at my messy ponytail. They're all drinking pink alcohol and casually touching one another on the shoulder. There are boys looking for a sale and they're glancing in their direction. Genius plan, really. Go to a girls w/guitars show and carry around a notebook like you're the next Ginsberg."

I stopped there cuz I was challenged to a game of bar sports.

I always accept a challenge to a game of bar sports.

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