Stuff I Like About Me - 03.23.02 - 5:48 pm

Since I've been rather...tired...lately, I'm going to write out a list of things I like about myself. And I'm not going to follow up said nice things w/something smart-assy.

1) Animals like me. Even wild ones. My friends and family think it's kinda freaky the way I can befriend any creature in a matter of seconds, but I don't care. Animals make me happy.

2) I have pointy ears. Like an elf. I've never seen anyone w/ears as pointy as mine...well, w/out the help of surgery. Did you know that there are people who get cosmetic surgery on their ears so they can look like elves, fairies, whatever? I used to be self-conscious, but fuck it. I like my ears.

3) I may have gotten less than stellar grades in math, but I am damn good at geometry. This is most noticable when I play pool. I can shoot bank shots better than some of the regulars.

4) My room is cool.

5) I like my hands, scars and all. They have character.

6) I'm good at baking bread.

7) I can function normally w/little to no sleep. That right there is fucking talent, man. Whether or not I should be proud of it....

8) I am easily amused. This comes in handy when you're sitting in the doctor's office for hours w/nothing to read cuz the place is full and all the magazines are taken.

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