Survey says - 03.28.02 - 3:17 pm

And now for the second half.

Yesterday, I:

-submitted two stories to a magazine.

-called a boy, but hung up before the phone started ringing.

-tended to a wounded chicken toe.

Today I will:

-walk to the corner store to buy smokes. Cuz, you know, walking cancels out the unhealthiness of cigarettes.

-go out in search of the Perfect Card for my friend in Georgia.

-probably not get more than three hours of sleep.

Tomorrow I will:

-go w/the flow.

Five items I have brand loyalty to:

-Converse All-Stars

-Doral full flavors

-St. Ives shampoo and conditioner

-Mt. Olive dill pickles. They turn your tongue yellow!

-Uniball pens

Five snacks I enjoy:

-chips and ranch dip

-french fries and cheese

-anything fried

-pineapple, mango, oranges, fruit like that.

-anything potato

Five songs I know all the words to, even without the music:

Barry Manilow "Copacabana"

Sir Mix-a-Lot "Baby Got Back"

Kenny Rogers "The Gambler"

Taco "Puttin On the Ritz"

Van Morrison "Moondance"

Five games I like:




-Super Mario Bros 3

-Manhunt! (god, I miss this game)

Five things I would buy with a $1000...


-various albums that I keep forgetting to buy when I have the extra money

-give the rest to the Humane Society

My top five guilty pleasures:


-gummy bears

-hell, gelatin

-celebrity crushes

-Geto Boys...I know, I know....

Top five musicians lately (or who's in the CD player right now?)

-Ryan Adams


-Angry Samoans/Cramps tape

-Butthole Surfers

Top five locations I'd like to run away to:

-Cocoa Beach


-Italy...all over


-Washington DC...the Natural History museum, specifically

Five bad habits I have:

-smoking, I guess


-chewing on my lips when bored

-That Boy

-Cosmo, Glamour, Jane, etc.

Five things I would never wear:


-loose glitter




Five TV shows I like:

-The Simpsons

-Law & Order SVU



-any cooking show

Goddamn, this took long.

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