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100 entries, new layout (courtesy of mondo cool Not that Ugly), and a rather personal survey (inspired by Cerebrate, Prologue, and Cherry 75).

15 years ago:

-I was living in South Florida and swimming in the Atlantic every weekend.

-I was very proud of the fact that I was the fastest kid in my preschool. I always got first dibs on the swings.

-my favorite band was Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

-I realized my little brother wasn't just a loaner from the hospital.

10 years ago:

-I started listening to Nirvana.

-I met That Boy at summer camp. He asked me to dance and I turned him down. Smart one, I was.

-my grandmother was diagnosed w/ovarian cancer.

-I was using balled up toilet paper during my period cuz I was too ashamed to tell anyone.

-the 'accidents' became more frequent and bloody.

5 years ago:

-I won a lot of writing contests and was recognized at Dunkin Donuts, Shell, and a local grocery store. "Hey, you're that girl who wrote a play/story." Yes, I am.

-I was still painfully in love w/a boy who had dumped me at Disney World.

-High school. Contemplated suicide a lot. Attempted suicide twice.

-I cut my waist-length hair to the bottom of my ears. I did this by myself, w/pinking shears, while drunk and listening to the last half of Incesticide.

-I met John Waters. Actually, that may have been five and a half years ago, but whatever. There's a story I could tell and I will. Later.

2 years ago:

-I finally got over my first ever love. Enter That Boy.

-I graduated high school, despite certain naysayers. I didn't participate in any senior activities...not even the graduation ceremony. But I was voted Most Artistic in my class. Dude. They knew my name?

-On the one-year anniversary of my grandmother's death, I had a nervous breakdown. Then, the peace came.

-I intentionally broke my wrist for the first time.

-I got Howie.

-K killed himself. Actually, it was not even a year and a half ago, but fuck it.

The second half of this survey will be another entry.

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