Eggs!!!! - 05.13.02 - 12:42 am

Dude, you all rock.

I apologize for last night's self-pitying entry. I need to get over myself and buck up.

OK, enough of that.


I came home from work and my mom tells me that when she went to turn them, she noticed that one had a chip.

THEN an hour later, I actually watched the chip turn into a crack and the crack get bigger. If you hold the egg, you can feel something pecking on the inside. It rocks.

Oh, oh! And when I was watching the chipped egg, I saw two more rock back and forth. Yay!

This is exciting cuz, like I mentioned, I had estimated the hatch date to be around the 20th. I guess the eggs were ten days old when we got them as opposed to five days.

It takes up to 24 hours for a duck to make its way out of the egg, so I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight. I want to be awake in case somethine happens. God, I'm happy.

I'm also taking care of a baby rat my cat caught tonight. I think the poor thing is in shock. The cat left it by the mint plant and I was able to pick it up w/out a fight. I can't see any wounds and it can move its tail, so I'm hoping it'll be OK by morning.

Ironically, I just spent fifteen minutes standing on a chair in my kitchen, weilding a yard stick and muttering as I tried to scare a rat back outside. Someone left the kitchen door open and one came in through the garage. Fucking rats.

Eek! I just checked on the eggs and one moved and the crack is bigger! Ducks! Baby ducks!

Ahem. That is all.

Oh, yeah. Today was my first day of work. This job is an obsessive compulsive's dream. I was totally content the whole time.

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