Update 3 and Pantyhose - 05.13.02 - 11:14 pm

6 eggs have cracks!

Little Dude isn't doing too well.

My feet hurt.

For the first time in, like, forever, I wore pantyhose for more than an hour w/out getting a run. Go, me!

And I met my first library freakazoid, tonight. He's not as bad as the others...just kinda perverted. What I'm really looking forward to is meeting Reverand Porn. I'll explain when the time comes.

I'm exhausted, yet I still plan on staying up in case a duckling decides to make an appearance. I'm a little worried since I don't think it's supposed to take this long.

Shit. I hope they're OK.

If something happens tonight, I will update but if not, goodnight, y'all.

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