Update 7 - 05.14.02 - 12:16 pm

Alright, the two little ducklings are in the brooder and grooming their surrogate mother: a stuffed bunny. I hope bunnies are OK...Howie had a stuffed monkey and look at how he turned out. Anyway, they're resting some more.

Egg #3 is well on its way. The duckling is almost done w/the cracking.

Aw! OK, I'm standing over him and chanting words of encouragement. It's funny. He'll be quietly peeping peeppeeppeep and then when he pushes PEEP. Hee.

He's almost got it....

I see an eye!

Ladies and gentlemen, Duckling #3 was hatched at 12:27.

Oh, ew. I am so not eating eggs for a very long time, yo.

(This will be the last update until tonight as I am tired of this computer and want to play w/my baby ducks.)

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