Update 5 - 05.14.02 - 8:15 am

The 7th egg has a crack!

Duckling #1 is still working at the shell. The crack is almost halfway around the egg. Once the duckling makes a complete circle, he will push the cap off. You know, like those little wind-up chicks you can buy around Easter.

Duckling #2 has started working at the crack, too. They're both pecking away, peeping to each other.

I can't believe something has kept my attention for so long. Before noon, even.

Maybe I should have done these entries in blog format. I can change that later, right? Eh.

Dude, I need to make a brooder*. Duckling #1 should be born and dried around 1.

I can't believe the 7th egg has a crack now. The fact that all the eggs developed enough to pip is kinda amazing. Especially since they were older than we thought and we had no idea what happened to them before we got them.


*A box w/a heat lamp for the new ducklings. Remember broody? Yeah.

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