MASD - 07.27.02 - 1:57 am

It is officially Men Are Scum Day and what am I doing? Wondering why I haven't seen a boy again after finally exchanging words.

First, OK, Men Are Scum Day. No, it's not about castration or hate or some such shit. Well, when it was first conceived, I was pretty wary of the male gender, but I'm a lot different than I was at twelve.

The Story

July 27th happens to be the birthday of two of the biggest assholes in the history of assholey assholes. Bad things, these two did, and yet neither knew the other existed.

We were pre-teens, jaded, and looking for another excuse to get drunk on mom's cooking sherry.

Thus, Men Are Scum Day was born.

The purpose of this day is to get rid of all the bad mojo from previous relationships/nowhere crushes/you get the idea. Burning stuff is always a plus. And beer. Beer is good.

Now, I realize that every day should be spent ridding yourself of baggage, but people seem to like specific days and times to do things lest they become lost in every day life. And I really like making up my own dates for shits. It gives me something to look forward to.

Last year, The Weenie had just exited my life. Rather rudely, at that. So I spent this night in my backyard w/my dad's old grill burning shit and swigging from a bottle of Beefeater. I burned his letters, his cards, movie stubs, anything I could find that still had his scent. And then I wrote him a letter w/everything I had ever wanted to say to him. I burned that fucker, too.

In other words, it was a Weenie Roast.

I automatically felt better.

Funny how I need some sort of ceremony for closure. Some sort of ceremony involving fire and booze. But, hey, different strokes for different folks.

The name of the day needs to change, I know. Yet it's kind of hard to after eight? nine? years. What the fuck ever. I know what I mean and this is a very me day.

So, yeah. My suggestion to you is to get some kind of large metal thing, fill it w/shit that reminds you of a certain person that broke/is breaking your heart, and set that bitch a-blaze.

I swear it works. If just for the night.

Anyway, speaking of the Weenie, I think I saw him tonight. Which would be odd since he's supposed to live a hundred miles away. Fucker. This is my town.

I dunno. This guy looked an awful lot like him and he had the same mannerisms and whenever I would look in his direction, he would duck his head down. Of course, if it was him, I'm not surprised he didn't say hello. I think I scared him. Or he's a goddamn delicate flower who can't handle it when I get "like this", whatever the hell that means.

Still a little bitter? Me? Nah.

Shut up. I've felt absolutely nothing in regards to this boy until tonight when I thought I saw him. And now it's just minor annoyance at him being at the diner.

I didn't see the boy.

At least my hair looks pretty.

Happy fucking Men Are Scum Day.

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