Iguana what? - 08.22.02 - 5:25 pm

I just spent 10 minutes hand-feeding this:

Faya is in one of her moods where she won't eat unless you hand it to her, piece by piece.

Tell me, have you ever been licked by an iguana?

And then there is Howie. Poor, poor Howie. There are two female ducklings in the pen w/him and he couldn't care less. He is currently following the hens as they walk the perimeter of his pen. When they stop, he does this thing where he kneels and puts his head down like he's bowing or something.

I hate that. I mean, goddamn, have some dignity, duck.

I just ate some kind of organic burrito or taco or something and now I want a cigarette.

Tonight, I will have two things for you all that somehow relate to this one year anniversary coming up. Two.

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