Questions Part Two - 10.28.02 - 1:43 am

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Question 18- How would I obtain a duck of my own, and would she be happy living the city life?

Answer- There a duck breeders who will sell you ducklings or eggs. I got Howie from an embryology project organized by the local Extension Office. If you're really masochistic, ask for an embryology project of your own and hatch several eggs all by yourself. Say you want to do some learnin'. As for ducks and city long as you have a yard and a big enough pool, I'm sure she'd be a happy little ducky. Oh, and, um, check the laws about livestock. Sometimes, certain animals are illegal only if you use them as a food source. Like, in some places, you can't have rabbits unless you prove you're not going to broil them. Oh! And you need a big, strong fence. And dogs with a healthy fear of poultry. And a place for her to sleep at night and in the winter. And a good hiding place, especially if you clip her wings/she can't fly. Hey, they did it on Friends.

Question 19- What was yr best Halloween costume ever? (Both asked by Amy).

Answer- It's so hard to choose! I'd have to say my mutant costume for the Halloween festival I did a couple years ago. I took an old black bodysuit and cut off the crotch so it was a normal long-sleeved shirt and sliced it up with a razor. Then I took a black T-shirt and cut that shit up, too. I sewed some of the slashes up with red thread and stapled a couple more slashes together. Both shirt were pretty tight for extra mutated sexxxiness. I wore black cargos and my Docs to complete the outfit. For make-up, I used green face paint and black eyeshadow. I made it so it looked like my face was concave and peeling. AND my hair was neon pink and totally teased out to there. Finally, I had a fake bloody arm that I gnawed on sporadically.

Question 20- Uhh...what's your favorite color? (Asked by Molzo)

Answer- Orange and cherry red.

Question 21- Do you like to dance?

Answer- Yes. Yes, I do. Except it's more "spasm" than "dance".

Question 22- If you could live any other person's life, whose would you choose/why?

Answer- Nobody, actually. But I would like to have been twenty in every single decade. Why? Because I am dying to know what life would be like had I been born however many years earlier. Seriously. I think about this all the time and am actually pissed at myself for being a slave to time and, you know, reality.

Question 23- Paper or plastic?

Answer- Paper is recyclable, but plastic is deadly. It's a draw.

Question 24- What's your favorite kind of cheese?

Answer- Barry Manilow.

Question 25- Why have you diaried so much?

Answer- I have this incredible urge to inform complete strangers how often I masturbate and what I ate for dinner last night (tofu pad thai). And I like it.

Question 26- Where did you hear about Diaryland?

Answer- The Bust Lounge.

Question 27- Do you sleep enough?

Answer- Dear god, no. If I did, though, you can be sure this diary would not exist. Hell, a lot of things wouldn't exist if I actually got a decent amount of sleep.

Question 28- Who's your biggest inspiration?

Answer- Who inspires me? Fuck. I don't know. Your mom?

Question 29- What's your FAVORITE song? - you can only pick one. (ALL of those asked by Sprhrgrl)

Answer- Old Mother Reagan by the Violent Femmes. That was the first song to pop into my head, so that is my answer.

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