Like a Roman fucking Candle - 12.16.05 - 8:55 pm

Just a warning...I have changed a lot. I was reading a bunch of my older entries last night and I realized how much more...fresh I sounded. Not that what I wrote about was new and amazing and totally out there, but I wrote like I still had so much to see and do and I was young and knew it. Now I sound like a bitter old hag who uses Jim Beam as mouthwash and doesn't spit it out. A dozen times a day. I've seen all I've wanted. No more, please. That's not necassarily what I believe, but it's in me somewhere.

The past year and a half has done something to my blood (besides raise its alcohol level) and I'm not sure some of the people who used to read me will like it.

I'm a changed woman, fuckers. And oh so much more melodramatic.

Enough of that shit. I'm probably the only one who notices a difference and that's cool. I'll just never ever mention it again, OK?

So. How are things? Good? Good.

I have 2 cigarettes left before I have to go to the corner store to get more. So this will be a 2 cigarette entry.

A List of Things That Are New FOR YOU!

1) I moved. Again. Three times in just over a year. I fucking scored a sweet yellow house on the beach in a town I shall call Tourist-A-Go-Go. I am so very happy here and the fact that one paycheck covers rent makes me drool gleefully. Also, I have several cactii up front and they are FLOURISHING. And! The kicthen is vagina-pink. Something to think about if I ever cook for you.

2) I am still fucking a hippy and we are still in love. Yes, it is still gross. I accidentally listened to Phish last week. It was harsh. I cried.

3) I also still live with a weasel except her new name is Shitbeast or just HEY! STOP SHITTING ON THE FLOOR! for short. We also found out that "she" is actually a "he" but the damage is done. Guess that wasn't a weasel belly-button after all. Poor Belly-Button Penis.

4) That stuff wasn't really New For You. Sorry.

5) I got a new tattoo! On my wrist! No! The other wrist! It's a marigold.

6) I saw the Boss for the THIRD FUCKING TIME a month or so ago. I shit on the word "cool". I AM STELLAR!!!

6) God. Shut the fuck up, Molly.


(PS: I no longer have a spellcheck. Mock me at your convienence. Hee.

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