I've got a time bomb - 12.23.05 - 10:39 pm

So I'm thisclose to being done with my Christmas shopping. All I need is one case of Schlitz to go with the way fucking cool "Schlitzerland" beer tray (circa 1952) I got for Best Friend and I don't have to shop again until December 23rd of next year. Fuck this "getting your shopping done early" business. I just can't function with that much efficiency. It chafes.

I had the worst time with my little brother, though. I know nothing about him in terms of things I can buy that he will like. And since I can't exactly purchase anarchy or evil, I ended up with oatmeal cream pies, Goldfish and Bicardi 151. And you know what? He will fucking love it.

Christmas? What? Fuck this jazz.

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