Since 1829 - 01.05.06 - 10:46 pm

Happy fucking New Year.

Apologies for not updating in, oh, ten days. I have been very busy doing shit. All sorts of shit. And drinking shit is not one of the top 5. Taking shits is number 7, though. My diet has been very regular since the year began and it wasn't even a resolution!

Ahem. Sleep is rushing up behind my eyes and this is lucid typing.

I had so many bad things on my computer that it took five whole days to fix it. It was kinda fun, though. I learned a lot and even grew attached to one little virus that just wouldn't give up. It was almost inspiring.

There was also some drama at the L-I-B involving violent men who like to stare at the staff (and there was more than one of these fellows) but that's calmed down a bit. In fact, one of them was Baker Acted today so we won't be seeing him for at least three days. Spiffy.

Have I mentioned that The Crazy has drastically increased since the summer? And no LBC in sight? The boy himself wasn't crazy, but goddamn, did he make me certifiable.

Oh, wait. I'm fucking a hippy now. I shouldn't be speaking of my past flings so openly like this. Sorry.

I have a brilliant idea for a handbag and it involves tools. I love tools. Especially ones that cause danger. And this handbag involves several. This will be a wonderful project and I can't wait.

OK. I'm out. In all sorts of ways.


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