I like it when they play songs - 11.17.02 - 1:14 am

I keep saying that I should go to shows more often, but it's still a rare thing. I should change this.

I went to see Calvin Johnson tonight with my friend Tee (I should point out that I hate using initials, so I've decided to just spell out the letter. God forbid I hang out with someone whose first same starts with the letter E. Anyway.). Damn. That's all I have to say about that. I saw people that I knew there, too, and it was weird since I don't really go places that often and see people that I know.

This should be interesting, seeing as how I just saw Calvin fucking Johnson, but I'm feeling kinda dull and boring. Those words mean the exact same thing and I just wasted a second of my life typing them both out. And another couple seconds observing that fact. And even more...I'll shut up now.

The other two bands/people performing were also good and made me happy even after my friend Are (hee) mentioned that one of them sounded like music they would play on Dawson's Creek and I agreed. Whatever. They played Liz Phair on The Creek (dear god, fucking kill me if I ever call it that again) so pshh.

That is not a word.

But it is a sound that I make often.

I don't know, though. I think that a friend of Tee's isn't too fond of me and it's sorta making me blah. GodDAMN, I need to start using the English language properly again. Anyway. I am more often than not paranoid about shit like this and it's probably not helping that, if I still felt like liking boys, I could like him. But since I've decided that shit ain't worth it, I don't, but it's still probably playing a factor.

Fuck this shit. I need to be writing a novel. And peeing. And smoking a cigarette cuz the wheezing is starting to ease up and we can't have that now, can we? And packing. Cuz tomorrow I'm going fucking CAMPING. With MAY. And we're going to watch METEORS.

Goodnight, Molly.

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