Tattoo Part Two - 10.10.02 - 5:58 pm

Woo! New tattoo! I got the Perseus constellation done around the moon and I really, really like it. Which is good cuz, you know, that whole tattoos being permenant jive. I promise, promise, promise I will have a picture soon. Like, totally. Right on.

I'm feeling a little out of it, by the way. It's a good kind of out of it, though.

OK, so my grandfather's dog is visiting us right now and I would just like to say that having three dogs in the house is dangerous for your health. Mamita is a Rott./Chow mix, leaning more towards Rott.. Abigail is a German Shepard/Lab mix. And Francesca? Well, she's an "unknown" breed. I am telling you this to illustrate the fact that these are not small dogs. And when all three of them are weaving around your feet, vying for your undivided attention, it gets to be a health risk.

Also, Mamita jumps. Not good with the new tattoo and all.

It's a damn good thing I love them all or else I would be in a very pissy mood.

I'm going to lock myself in my room for awhile with some good books, smokes and Ice-T.

I mean, iced tea. Sorry. Freudian slip.

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