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I like stuff.

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The Onion- News and culture satire. Never fails to crack my shit up.

BUST- A wonderful zine run by wonderful people.

Television Without Pity- TV. Dawson's Creek. Funny.

Poets & Writers Magazine- A pretty good resource for poets and writers online.

Food!- Lots of recipes. They also have this thingy that divides the recipe for you, which is good for people like me who still count on their fingers and usually cook for two.

More food!- Even more recipes.

John Waters- John Waters and company.

Half Glamour- Feminist/riot grrl greatness. She's putting together a feminist collaboration thingy. Once a month, there will be a topic assigned and those in the ring (below) will write about said topic, posting the writing on their website/diary. Kind of like Friday Five. Anyone can participate. You know what to do, yo. (Go to her site and sign up!)

<< ! the feminist collective @ half-glamour # >>

We Have Brains- Another feminist collaboration. Yes, we have brains and it's about damn time I start using mine again.


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