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Treat the below words and phrases like a table of contents. A summary of this diary to date. Kinda. Not really.

OK, so I was going to do a best of or some such shit, but that didn't work out too well. So instead I pulled any entries that stood alone or amused or in some way informed people about shit.

It's 1AM. I'm tired. I can't explain.


This entry talks about the cutting. It is the only entry where I really go into depth, yet I sometimes make veiled comments regarding self-injury.

Ducks! This one explains Howie. And the below list of entries is a play-by-play of the ducklings hatching. Fun times.

Update 1
Update 2
Update 3
Update 4
Update 5
Update 6
Update 7
Update 8
Update 9

Pictures! Howie, The Ducklings, age: 36 hours, and The Ducklings, age: a few months.

Here are the entries where I ramble on about my friend, K, who killed himself on Novermber 20, 2000. They're pretty incoherent as I am not at my best when talking about it, yet words concerning him sometimes fall out.

One year ago, part 1
One year ago, part 2
After I visited him at the graveyard.
18 months ago
His birthday.
Two Years.

Charles Bukowski is a goddamn genius. Read for yourself.

8 Count
Hell is a Closed Door

Tattoos? Tattoos.

The crescent moon.
The constellation.
K's tattoo.
A picture of the moon and Perseus tattoo.

Fuck words. Let's see some pictures.

This is my puppy. Her name is Francesca. Say hello to Francesca.
My hens and the bastard geese.
Pretty pictures of the lake and a tree.
Faya, the iguana. She is MIA and, I'm guessing, happily fornicating with other renegade iguanas.
Dirk- A Photo Essay
Super Fun Road Trip With My Mom: Part One, Part Two, Part Three
The World's Sexiest Camping Trip: Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Shows I attended even though shows usually leave me feeling a growing fear for the future of humanity.

The Rock n' Roll Girl Show
The Ska Show
The Boss!
Bright Eyes
Calvin Johnson
The Boss! Again!

Yeah. Sometimes I talk about boys. They kinda slip into my head every so often. Sneaky little fuckers.

Spinster or bust!
The first love(?)
First Love(?) as I felt several years ago.
The Boy Standards
Look at how many secret boyfriends I have.
Music Related Things That Will Either Prevent or Cause Making Out
Amendments to the above.
Men Are Scum Day

Lists. Lists are fun. Lists give you strong bones and an immunity to radioactive monkeys. Love the lists.

Half-Assed Justifications
Resolutions for 2002
Stuff I Like About Me
Part 1 of a survey I took for the 100th entry and new design. The deisgn has changed since then, but I still recommend Not That Ugly as she is a kickass designer.
Part 2
Why I Should Shave My Head
Dead People
One Year Anniversary Statistics
Things That Scared Me Over a 24 Hour Period
Questions Part 1
Questions Part 2
A lyrics survey.

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