Photo Essay 3 - 12.27.02 - 2:38 pm

World's Sexiest Camping Trip Photo Essay
Part Three

We decided to take another walk. I wanted to look for more tortoises and to also find my sittin' tree from the last time I camped there.

This may or may not be my sittin' tree but it's a pretty fucking cool tree, nonetheless. Am I right? I am right.

This picture doesn't even begin to illustrate what I was trying to illustrate by taking it. OK, May and I had just eaten a late lunch and were sitting by the fire pit. The sun was to our backs, there was complete silence, and we were reading. Everything was...nice. Calm. I was reading the poem Full Moon by Charles Bukowski and you can kind of see the tattoo on my wrist. Above the tattoo I had written another Bukowski quote: "I wish to weep but sorrow is stupid."

The two year anniversary of K killing himself was the next day.

We were waiting for midnight. We were writing letters to burn when midnight came. I couldn't think of words at the moment, so I found some charcoal near the fire pit and started drawing on a log. It was fun.

That night, May and I were both woken by this really loud noise that sounded like it was coming from right outside the tent. I asked what the hell that was. May didn't know. Then we heard it again. Fucking coyotes, man. We didn't believe it cuz, number one, there were a lot of them making noise and coyotes aren't pack animals, right? And, number two, last I heard, coyotes were hanging out further north. But I listened to a recording when I came home and yeah, May and I were almost eaten by coyotes.

Which has to be the coolest thing to happen to me in months.

Anyway, we had to be out of the campsite by 11, so the morning was spent packing our shit up.

Even though we kind of had to hurry, I still found time to taunt an armadillo to the point of attack. You see? I circled him for you. OK, so maybe I only said "What's up?" and he's not really threatening me or anything, but dude! Vicious armadillos! That rocks.

Yeah. The end.

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