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Mindless fluff! Yet, strangely enlightening....

Crushes on Famous Boys: Past & Present

- James Dean

- He-Man

- Sting

- Bryan Callen (old MadTV, now that one show w/the dude from that one movie)

- Brian Austin Green

- Ice-T

- Father Karras (or Karran? Damn you, Stigmata) in the Exorcist

- any dark-haired religious figure in a horror movie

- Jimmy Fallon

- the lead dude from that show 'Sinbad and the 1000 something'. I can't remember the show too well but boy oh boy did I have a crush on that guy. And not the one who came on later. The one who was only on a couple episodes before he was replaced w/a less sexy actor. Anyone remember this?

- Stephen Dorff

- John Waters

- Rider Strong

- Luke Perry

- Weezer. All of them. Have you seen the Island in the Sun video? Yeah.

- Goofy. Yes. *That* Goofy. I was two. Leave me the fuck alone.

- Christian Slater

- Henry Rollins

- Egon Spangler (the cartoon, not Harold Ramis)

- Pick a Beastie Boy. Some time in the past 10 years I have thought about kissing him.

- Jeffery and the 4th Grade Ghost. Remember those books? I had a thing for the ghost.

- John Cusack

- Jeremy Piven (I think...? Cupid and Grosse Point Blank.)

- Elvis Presley

- Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba!)

- Jimmy Fallon, again. Cuz daaamn, I haven't crushed this hard on a celebrity since my Egon days. Dude, I get fucking *fluttery* when I see him on TV. That's sad.

I am horrible at spelling names, aren't I?

Edited to say- Eek!! How could I forget:

- Eric Idle

- George Michael

- Johnny Knoxville

And did I mention Jimmy Fallon?

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