P-Nutz - 01.20.06 - 10:37 pm

It's Friday night and I am making boiled peanuts and drinking a quart of Mickey's.

What are YOU doing?

I got a whole assload of beads in the mail today. I ordered this one thing where they just send you a pound of shit...all sorts of shit...and it's a total surprise what you get. I LOVE SURPRISES!!! It was neat. I got all these nutcracker charms and I'm going to make my brother a bracelet for his birthday. He will have to love it because I am his sister and I am fragile. And I bought him another bottle of 151. Besides, what the fuck else am I going to do with a dozen nutcracker charms?

Anyway, I have the next two days off and I plan on soldering a lot and finishing ONE, just ONE, handbag. My sewing machine is still out of commission, so I'll have to hand-sew the lining, but that's OK. People pay more for hand-sewn, right? Right. My dad bought me a really nice soldering gun because he figured it would be easier to use for what I'm doing than a iron. This makes me happy. I'm crafting and my dad can help cuz it involves tools. Uh-oh. The beer is making my eyes well up. New subject.

I'm aware that it has been over a week since I asked a question and I will ask another one soon. I will also post all your answers once I'm sober. Trying it now would result in chaos.

These peanuts are taking forever. Fuck, man, who would've thought it took so long to boil nuts?

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