Dear god, not more - 08.14.02 - 12:34 pm

It's my Friday and I am dragging. No matter how much coffee, iced tea, gin I drink, I still feel sluggish.

Maybe I should start doing aerobics. Ha.

There are these two Muschovy ducks that hang out by the lake. One male, one female. The girl is rather pretty, but the boy is one warty son-of-a-bitch. They sit by the fence separating our yard from the lake and just stare through the boards. You can totally tell that they want to be a part of all the other ducks in my yard.

It's actually pretty sad. I mean, yeah, they have each other and shit, but they don't get to come in the porch at night and they don't get cool kiddie pools. They're jealous. And I'm almost positive that the ducklings like to flaunt how well off they are. They're snobs.

Anyway, whenever I go out to feed the poultry, I always throw some food over the fence for the Muschovy couple. They do that freaky hissing/head bobbing thing, but I know they appreciate it.

Today, I was standing by Howie's pen, throwing some duck feed into his pool when I hear flapping. I look over at the fence and see Lady Muschovy perched on the post, craning her neck to look at me. Kinda scary, actually. Then she jumps down into our yard and walks over to me like "Hey, bitch, I'm hungry, too." So I toss her some food, throw another handful over the fence to Mr. M who is looking mournfully at Ms. M, and carefully walk back inside.

My mom was just saying that one day, the Muschovys will just come over the fence and make themselves at home.

I thought she was joking.

Since I've mentioned it a few times, here is the lake as seen from my backyard:

And here is the sky as seen from my backyard:

(I really like this picture. I like to stand outside and stare straight up through the branches of the oak trees. It makes me dizzy sometimes.)

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