Naughty like a halibut - 11.12.03 - 1:05 pm

I'm more than a little scared at the amount of shit I've been repressing because I fear that people are getting pissed at my weirdness. Yeah, I am aware that that is totally stupid and maybe people just don't know how to deal with me, but it must suck. Like, a lot. I really don't know how to explain it, but it makes sense in my gut.

So yeah. Not dealing with things. When K died, it took awhile before everything hit me and when it hit me, it was a total fucking knock out. With Jay...holy shit. I don't know.

Best Friend and Are have been having bonfires for Jay on the beach in Mexico. I told them that I really want to do something, probably involving fire, but what? And even if I did know, I would be the only one doing it. We're scattered across the goddamn continent right now and I just want one day where we can all be together.

You know what's really pathetic? If I hear Paradise by the Dashboard Light, I'll fucking bawl. Meatloaf. Fucking MEATLOAF. And I thought crying over a Blink 182 song was bad.

Anyway, enough of that.

Anyone want to suggest some pantry essentials? May and I will be going grocery and underwear shopping this weekend and I was thinking we should get some multi-purpose foods for meals. Things that can be used in a multitude of dishes. Like macaroni. And cream of mushroom soup. And cornmeal. After that, I'm kinda stuck. Any suggestions would be much appreciated and eaten.

Dude, look at how cool we are. OK. Last night, May and I drank Beast, smoked cigarette and clipped some fucking coupons. Only we could make frugality hardcore and sexxxy.

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