Tattoo #3 - 11.02.02 - 2:06 pm

I got tattoo number three last night and that makes me three percent cooler than I was Thursday. It's a very complicated equation for which I am still figuring out the finer points, but I am positive that I am a bit more rocking (or "rockin'", if you will) that I was a couple days.

Or maybe it's not the tattoo, but the fact that I got exactly ONE hour of sleep last night and pretty much everything within my line of vision is ten times more neat than before.

Yeah, that's probably it.

So, anyway, this tattoo is on the inside of my wrist/arm and is the date that K died in Roman numerals. There's also some dagger-cross things that represent a dead person in genealogy. All black.

While he was doing it, the tattoo artist said, "This isn't some weird Satan thing that's going to give me bad karma, is it?" I said no, it's a date, and left it at that. I really didn't want to explain the whole thing for fear of breaking down in one of my weird K rambles. I like the tattoo artist and felt that me rambling about my dead friend would make him a little uncomfortable. Because I do that all the time. Make people uncomfortable.

One hour sleep. Can't get too deep. Hey. I'm rhyming like the OG, himself.

The tattoo does look kinda Satan-esque, when I think about it. I know, I need to post pictures. And I will, yo.

I was worried that this would hurt like fuck, but honestly, it was no different than my upper arm. Now it hurts more than my upper arm did at this point, but it's nothing unbearable. Just sore. I was very surprised at the lack of pain, since I heard that the inside of the arm (particularly the wrist) is one of the more painful areas to get a tattoo. Liars.

So the moral of this is never listen to what anyone says about pain. The tattoo artist was so very right. It's different for everyone.

Hey! Guess what! I am eating cheese pizza dipped in butter! And it's good.

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