Photo Essay! - 12.27.02 - 2:35 pm

World's Sexiest Camping Trip Photo Essay
Part One

It all began several months ago, when I said to May, hey! Let's go camping for the Leonids! She agreed and when November rolled around, off we went.

On the way up there, May and I made several astute observations regarding which rock stars we would like to copulate with. And I saw a dead mongoose on the side of the road. It was sad.

The first thing we did when we got there was set up the tent.

It wasn't until after the Leaning Tower of Nylon was complete that May found the instructions for erection (hee) at the bottom of the tent sack. Yet, seeing as how we're smart bitches, we didn't need no fucking instructions to pitch a tent (hee hee). We rewarded ourselves with some cigarettes and dinner. And Kahlua spiked with hot chocolate.

The next day. We were both up at an ungodly hour due to the sunlight and EXTREME FUCKING COLD. It was decided that we should head out to Wal-Mart for extra blankets. But, first, we must explore.

This is a tree.

This is quite possibly the coolest place in the world. I really like those big power line things and you could actually feel your skin buzz. I wanted to lick it.

This is a gopher tortoise hole at the base of the large metal thing I wanted to lick. It was really, really big. Around it, I saw bobcat footprints, fox footprints, deer footprints, and tortoise stomp prints.

It may help if you view this picture while standing on your head. Hee hee hee.

On to Part Two.

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