Update 2 - 05.13.02 - 1:38 pm


Another egg has a crack! And it's one that I was worried about cuz it hadn't done anything, yet. Not even moved.

So that makes 4 eggs w/cracks, one w/a semi-chip, and one that moves.

My mother wants me to put the cracked eggs under Dottie the Hen. Dottie the Hen has gone broody* and is currently trying to hatch some ceramic Santas. I don't think putting the duck eggs under her would be a good idea. Dottie kinda hates ducks w/an ever-burning passion.

Man, I know I have a pair of tights except they seem to have vaporized into thin air. I am NOT wearing pantyhose, goddamnit.

Christ. I guess this means I have to shave, afterall.

*(Duh, I forgot to explain brooding.) When a hen is broody, it just means that she has the urge to take care of her eggs. Breeds used for egg-laying usually have any broodiness bred out of them, but Dottie is a mix. She couldn't give a fuck less about her eggs...it's those Santas she loves.

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