I am never having kids - 05.14.02 - 11:37 pm

I am about ready to pass the fuck out, except I have to wait for the final egg to hatch. It'll be another hour, I think. I don't think I'll be putting him in the brooder tonight, but I want to make sure he's OK.

C'mon, little ducky.

And, yes, six eggs hatched today. At this exact moment, there are seven ducks in my house. Howie is sleeping in his pen a few feet away, and the babies are nestled in the brooder. Soon, there will (hopefully) be another healthy baby and that makes eight.

Eight ducks. My god.

One of the babies has a slight problem and I think it will be OK in a little bit. Yet, being the fretful mother, I am worried. I will be sleeping on the recliner tonight, just in case.

Before I forget, if anyone is interested in pictures of Howie and/or the little ones, email me and I'll be happy to send some along. I've already gotten a few requests, so why the hell not? Once I get my Gold Membership, I will be posting pictures here, but who knows how long that will be? Be like Veruca Salt and demand happy duck love in your inbox right now.

Enough w/the ducks. I'm sure you're all tired of my ramblings.

Aw, dude, I hear loud peeping and the sound of a baby duck stumbling around the incubator.


Welcome, Ducky #7!


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