Ack - 04.15.02 - 1:25 am

OK, so I had a wonderful time and I'm still vibrating from the drums and if I close my eyes for longer than a split second, I'll fall asleep.

And, and, and.

I may not go running out to buy the album but DAMN can they put on a show. Christ. I actually found myself jumping around and smiling at the people who stuck their many elbows in my ribs.


Since the show was early (hence the being home before 1:30), even though it was a school night, there were many young'uns. Here's the funny part...I WASN'T ANNOYED. Sure, I had to listen to some kid say "It's not the poseurs you have to worry about, it's the fags." Sure, I had to watch loads of hormonal teenagers suck face in the middle of the floor. But you know what? Fuck it. They ignored me and I ignored them.

Although, I did stand up for some girls who were getting pushed around by some big stinky boys w/flying elbows. I'm all blocking them and shit and stepping on toes. I hate it when people don't respect those standing away from the pit.

I saw some people, though, some people I don't really like. They did bad things and can't understand why I don't want to hang out w/them anymore. Eh.

And then....

As we were leaving, we saw some of the dudes from the band. The boys stopped them and gushed. The guitarist was there and, as I had been standing right below him when they played and marveled at how quick his fingers were, I complimented him on his mad skillz. He hugged me and said:

"You're the cutest girl here."

SHUT UP. It made me happy. Plus, he said it in a non-skeezy way, so I didn't feel like running away to douse myself in bleach.

Interesting fact: In a crowd of about three hundred, there were only two people w/brightly colored hair. One boy had green hair and then there was me.


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