Update 4 and Fucking A, It's Early - 05.14.02 - 7:13 am

Dudes! I see stuff!

There's like this little yellow bill poking out of one egg and I can see baby duck parts through the holes that developed overnight. The cracks in all six eggs have gotten much bigger and I can hear peeping.

Well, I can hear peeping when my mother stops quacking. She says she wants them to feel comfortable. Sure. If you want them to be comfortable, put on some Ice-T cuz that's what I've been listening to for the past two weeks. If anything, they'll associate OG w/their mother, not quacking.

Or maybe Colors.

I wonder if they'll be rapping gansta ducks?

Why the hell am I so hungry? And why did I just spell hungry as hurgury?

Speaking of which, Little Dude ate a lot last night and is now sleeping soundly. I checked on her (I'm pretty sure it's a girl...it's not stinky) and she kinda gave me this pissed off look before going back to sleep.

I still think she's way too tame, though. It's not natural.

I'm gonna go rap for the ducklings.

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