One Year - 08.23.02 - 12:29 am

One year, baby.

I would link to the first entry, but it's really nothing and you're smart. Go find it.

I'm pretty amazed that I have kept this up for a year. What was my longest hiatus? 2 weeks? That's fucking amazing for me. I tend to bore easily and most things that I start end up in a pile on my floor. Sometimes, I can't even finish making macaroni and cheese. Or is it cheese and macaroni?

So for this occasion, I have decided to do two things:

The First Thing


Number of designs: 5

-There was the orange Diaryland template, the black Diaryland template, the pink one that I did myself and was so simple a drunk monkey could do it, the design by Not That Ugly, and what you are looking at right now.

Number of literary rejections: 7

Number of male rejections: .5

-It would be observant of me to count the diner boy not calling me as a rejection, but since I have not seen him since, I will pretend that there is still a small glimmer of hope. Because I am a dumbass.

Number of novels written: 1

Number of stories written: 1

Number of ducks hatched: 7

Number of accidents: 12

-You know what? That fucking rocks. I beat my record for the longest time without an accident this year and I'm proud. Yeah.

Number of times making out w/Jimmy Fallon was mentioned: 16

-That is a guess. I'm not about to actually count the times I mentioned Jimmy Fallon. Cuz that would make me sad.

Number of animals that we took in cuz they were homeless/injured/mentally challenged: 5

-Stinky the squirrel, Little Dude the rat, Buddy and Cindy the guinea pigs, and Zool the box turtle.

Number of bad habits ceased: 1

-I no longer crunch the ice.

Number of famous people who have died: 3

-Dee Dee Ramone, John Entwistle, and Timmy. I think I'm forgetting someone, though. Shit.

Eh. I'm bored w/this now. The next entry will be about the second thing I am going to do. Yay.

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